Innovation hub

We literally breathe innovation. And to do that, we have top notch science work for us. And topnotch scientists work with us. The commitment and learning we have with our scientist community makes us the edgy organization we are, today.

Knowledge Pool

You will find a cross spectrum of knowledge in an array of domains making our team one of the largest scientific communities available for transfer of of knowledge to humanities benefit, faster. The depth of knowledge is so varied, our access to to such breakthrough technologies and solutions have no parallel



We convert knowledge to action. We test the ideas for applications. We build knowledge for consumption. This scientific temper and testing helps to see the Lab as the core of our process. Our Innovation Lab turns around ideas like they need to be deployed the very next day. We are rigorous in our approach, clear in our product vision and ensure the Lab keep abreast with technology, knowledge and market pulse.

Team Packed with Power

We have the finest gathering of intellectual talent which is obvious when you look at the spread of our organization. Allabout Innovations from its early days ensured the power of people who knows science better than others and the leverage had been amazing from day one. Our team is from Europe, Asia, Indian subcontinent and US


Work with us

If you eat science for breakfast and pull out solutions for lunch, we need you. If you are a science or technology expert with a doctorate or advanced degree, you may pass. More doctorate is not a pre requisite, but most of our team has. And, if you haven’t even gone for a structured pedagogy and still considers you to be an innovator, we are still game. Science and Innovation doesn’t lie with paper degrees, but your capability to add degrees of knowledge.

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